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The Story

The Morelli family moved to the farmhouse in Felciano in 1964 as sharecroppers. According to the sharecropping contract the owner of the land and the farmer should share the products of the farm. They were three brothers: Mario, Natalino and Bruno. With a great passion for vineyards and olive groves cultivated in the farm. In 1977 the Morelli family became the owner of Felciano.

Today Felciano farm is still a small family-run business. Since 2002 the management has passed into the hands of Bruno’s son, Maurizio, who takes care of the company full time.

Felciano covers an area of 12 hectares, 5 of which are dedicated to viticulture, 2 cultivated with olive groves and the remaining hectares are occupied by woods and farm roads. All Felciano wines are produced with grapes from our vineyards, handpicked and carefully selected. The vinification and aging processes take place in our cellar. Our extra virgin olive oil is produced from our olives, pressed on the same day of harvest to preserve their organoleptic characteristics.

Since 2012 Felciano has been producing Saffron, grown on a small strip of land. Harvesting and preparing saffron requires a lot of care and attention. The harvest is repeated every morning at dawn, before the sunlight makes the flowers open, throughout the flowering period, between the second half of October and the first of November. After the harvest there is the brushing which consists in the separation of the stigmas from the stamens and the bell-shaped flower. Harwesting and the grazing are both handmade operations. The last phase is drying. In our area we were the first to start production and this precious spice has received a lot of enthusiasm from our customers.

The barn which is located a few meter far the main buliding, was renovated in 2006. The renovated barn is used as a farmhouse since 2012. Every year, in spring and summer, we are happy to welcome tourists from all over the world to let them discover and experience our territory. Our guests will be free to wonder around our the vineyards and the olive groves appreciating the wonderful territory of the Chianti Classico.

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